Alphabet continues honing Project Loon internet in Puerto Rico

by • 5 years ago

After Hurricane Maria, the Google parent company continues to forge partnerships and expand connectivity through its balloon-powered internet service.

Winnipeg's new traffic nerve center does 'crazy things'

by • 5 years ago

A collection of enterprise data streams coupled with dozens of high-powered cameras is giving the Canadian city "unprecedented" vision over its roadways.

Oakland fights fire with 4G routers

by • 7 years ago

The city of Oakland is assisting its first responders by updating the 4G routers installed in every firetruck.

FirstNet to begin gathering state and local requirements, priorities

by • 9 years ago

The First Responder Network Authority will begin a series of events beginning May 15 aimed at gathering requirements and understanding state and local priorities for designing a unified nationwide public safety wireless broadband network.