Jessica Rosenworcel

Will Jessica Rosenworcel make the FCC's $20 billion broadband auction fair?

by • 1 week ago

Experts are worried that the FCC already mishandled its $20.4 billion broadband auction, but the agency's new chairwoman, Jessica Rosenworcel, could fix it.

FCC announces Broadband Data Task Force

by • 1 week ago

The FCC's new task force will lead the implementation of a new broadband data collection effort that's expected to be more accurate.

With Pai's departure, FCC likely to restore net neutrality, strengthen municipal broadband

by • 3 months ago

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to appoint new FCC leaders who will work more closely with local governments and reinstate Obama-era regulations.

Houston offers technical training to low-income residents, students

by • 6 months ago

The City of Houston and Microsoft have announced a new training program to equip residents for technical career transitions during the pandemic.

For students without home internet during pandemic, could FCC's E-Rate help?

by • 6 months ago

Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel and many educators continue pressing for expansion of the FCC's E-Rate program, which is currently limited to funding schools and libraries, but Chairman Ajit Pai won't budge.

FCC approves a more accurate broadband data collection method

by • 7 months ago

A more accurate data-collection method will be used to disperse $4.4 billion in broadband infrastructure investment over the next decade.

FCC still can't agree on when to distribute broadband funding

by • 8 months ago

As FCC Chairman Ajit Pai pushes to distribute $16 billion to underserved regions, Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel and other Democrats argue that more accurate data is needed first.

Rural America is in 'desperate need' of broadband infrastructure

by • 10 months ago

Distributing laptops and mobile Wi-Fi hotspots won't be enough to keep rural communities connected as remote work and education continues, officials said.

FCC approves $20.4 billion rural broadband expansion fund

by • 1 year ago

The FCC's newly designed two-phase funding process to connect millions of Americans to high-speed internet will advance, as expected.