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What state agencies can learn from Utah’s IAM consolidation

by • 1 week ago

Utah shows how centralizing identity and access management saves millions, improves user experience and prepares agencies for more ambitious IT projects.

Montana's CIO explains his 'service-first' mentality

by • 3 months ago

Now nearly a year into his tenure as the state's CIO, Tim Bottenfield says his experience as an agency IT head keeps him aware of how best to serve customers.

Consolidated help desk gives Kansas full view of IT activities

by • 3 months ago

A recent initiative is helping the state understand how the IT department's responds to incidents across the enterprise.

For effective IT delivery, understand the business first, says Utah CIO

by • 3 months ago

Utah's Mike Hussey says he's working to reform the state's development process to one focused on business outcomes at the beginning of a project.

Consolidation leads to improved identity tools in Louisiana

by • 3 months ago

Dickie Howze, Louisiana's CIO, says the state's 2014 consolidation initiative is leading the state's executive branch to single-sign-on.

Boston unveils new identity access management portal

by • 4 months ago

Boston's new access management portal will save the city time and improve security across departments, according to Gregory McCarthy, the city's CISO.

What state CIOs can learn from Texas’ identity and access solutions

by • 7 months ago

By moving to centralize identity and access solutions, Texas IT officials have laid the groundwork to lower costs and unify users’ online experience.

How state agencies can streamline users' online experience using IAM

by • 8 months ago

A modern identity and access management platform plays a central role in the overhaul of the Texas.gov portal.

As governor transition approaches, Georgia focuses on services

by • 8 months ago

With an incoming gubernatorial transition, Georgia CIO Calvin Rhodes says the state's work on IT services will help agencies deliver on their missions.