identity and access management

Simplifying the security stack to support long-term telework

by • 2 months ago

Government CISOs need to address the strain on their IT resources as they meet the security needs of agency workers connecting from home, say IT leaders in a podcast.

Coronavirus pandemic sparked modernization, future growth in states

by • 3 months ago

Though state and local government agencies scrambled to meet the demands of a remote workforce, the effects of IT modernization will lay the groundwork for future successes.

How CIOs can elevate the case for a digital government strategy

by • 3 months ago

The pandemic demonstrated why agencies should invest in modern IT, but to succeed, they must develop true strategies to meet the needs of digital citizens and workers.

Pandemic accelerated states' identity and access management projects

by • 4 months ago

CIOs and industry experts said in a webcast Thursday that identity and access management has proven increasingly important amid the pandemic's remote-work paradigm.

Strengthening security by improving device visibility

by • 5 months ago

IT security experts share strategies for state and local agencies to get the most of their security tools and gain greater visibility of devices accessing the network.

Steps to fast-track modern security for the remote workforce

by • 6 months ago

Agencies are at a crossroads with security upgrades. As they look to modern tools to respond to current demands, there is an opportunity to think more strategically.

State agencies urged to move beyond login credentials to counter cyber risks

by • 8 months ago

Agencies that still rely on user IDs and passwords alone are most at risk to cyberthreats and should move to stronger identity and authentication technology, says new report.

State CIOs strive to craft unified, simple user experiences

by • 8 months ago

States are designing citizen experience not defined by bureaucratic boundaries, but with ease of access and convenience in mind.

Washington, Pennsylvania consider blockchain for identity management

by • 11 months ago

At the intersection of cybersecurity and citizen experience, IAM could be improved by blockchain, said two top technology officials.