Florida Agency for State Technology

Florida boosts election security training through an evolving university partnership

by • 4 years ago

Securing the state's voting systems is the latest training topic included in curriculum offered to state government staff through a cybersecurity center operated by the University of West Florida.

Florida names corrections security leader as state CISO

by • 5 years ago

The state’s new chief information security officr says his work managing IT security at Florida's Department of Corrections primed him for a larger organization in state government.

Florida hires its first chief data officer

by • 5 years ago

With an unstable past and a lack of IT centralization, the state's technology office begins its efforts at square one.

How Florida moved its data center in 90 days

by • 6 years ago

When 900 days became 90, Florida's IT office found their most powerful tools were collaboration and communication.

Florida governor signs cybersecurity secrecy bill into law

by • 6 years ago

Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill exempting from public disclosure information about network security breaches in Florida.

After months of negotiation, Florida cybersecurity secrecy bill heads to governor

by • 6 years ago

State Sen. Alan Hays' effort to exempt information about network breaches from public disclosure now awaits Gov. Rick Scott's signature.

Florida Legislature mulls bill to promote cybersecurity secrecy

by • 7 years ago

A new bill in the Florida Senate would exempt information about cyberattacks from public records laws, but some worry the legislation is too broad.