Emergency Management

Why AI might be the most under-used emergency response tool

by • 1 month ago

A new report from Microsoft makes a case for why emergency management agencies should be doing more with artificial intelligence.

Esri announces FEMA data-sharing portal for pandemic response

by • 4 months ago

The mapping technology company Esri is encouraging agencies at all levels of government to share data related to pandemic response efforts on the new platform.

Next-generation 911 standards pact coaxes international cooperation

by • 9 months ago

Groups from North America and Europe have agreed to use similar standards, which could mean better interoperability and coordination of research.

How Texas used its disaster playbook after a huge ransomware attack

by • 10 months ago

The Lone Star State was the latest respond to a ransomware attack by making it a statewide emergency.

Louisiana declares emergency over cyberattacks targeting schools

by • 1 year ago

Three school districts in the state were hacked, leading Gov. John Bel Edwards to issue an emergency declaration similar to one following a natural disaster.

States need cyber disruption response plans, NGA says

by • 1 year ago

State governments need to assemble plans for treating cyberattacks more like disasters, a new paper by the National Governors Association recommends.

San Jose first to implement FirstNet citywide

by • 1 year ago

San Jose, California, will equip 10 agencies — including police, fire and environmental services — with devices that run on the new network for public-safety communications.

911 call centers get a map to look up other call centers

by • 1 year ago

It's a visual upgrade to a decades-old database that also comes with hooks for modern applications to share data that helps smooth emergency response.

Why New York City spent a year converting its 500-page hazard plan into a website

by • 1 year ago

Officials say the paper version of its plan was "hard to digest" and went unchanged for years at a time.