The value of data to inform modern technology investments

by • 1 month ago

The pandemic uncovered many agencies’ greatest vulnerabilities in delivering citizen services, but modern data platforms can help leaders create better investment strategies.

How cities rediscovered data and digitalization in 2020

by • 2 months ago

When cities sent employees home as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, many also contemplated whether they could maintain even the most basic public services.

Minneapolis' new website 'turns us all into data scientists,' CIO says

by • 3 months ago

The new website, called Minneapolis DataSource, is the cornerstone of CIO Fadi Fadhil's "data quilting" strategy.

California's new data strategy aims at interconnectivity

by • 3 months ago

California's new data strategy aims to bring relevant data sets from across the state government to agency officials working on problems ranging from homelessness to public health, statewide Chief Data Officer Joy Bonaguro said.

Why local government needs more technologists

by • 3 months ago

Commentary: There are a lot of technologists working to make government better, but former Seattle open data manager David Doyle says it needs more.

How the pandemic sparked Miami's data-driven culture shift

by • 4 months ago

Miami CIO Michael Sarasti told StateScoop the city's "data-driven culture" was made legitimate by the pressures of the ongoing health crisis.

Minneapolis CIO says ‘data quilting’ can solve tough challenges

by • 4 months ago

Minneapolis CIO Fadi Fadhil told StateScoop that his strategy of stitching all of the city's data together will help policymakers solve difficult challenges facing the city.

San Antonio looks to eliminate bias within 'smart city' planning

by • 4 months ago

City officials want to make their annual community surveys more accessible to non-English speakers and other residents who may be excluded from them.

Chicago Police launches new data program to identify stressed out cops

by • 5 months ago

The department announced a new project that uses data to monitor the mental health of police officers.