Four legal tips for managing data during the pandemic

by • 1 week ago

News concerns around security, compliance, data-ownership and access are increasingly relevant as staff work remotely during the pandemic, a lawyer told the National Association of Counties' online conference.

Virginia launches digital tools to aid communities' COVID-19 response

by • 2 months ago

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is expanding two statewide data analysis platforms to help people find jobs and support localities allocate resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemic a 'test-run' for city resiliency, says Philadelphia's smart-city director

by • 3 months ago

Philadelphia smart cities director Emily Yates said cities are now facing critical tests that will reappear as climate change and other future crises emerge.

State, federal collaboration key to GIS growth going forward

by • 3 months ago

State GIS leaders need to work together with their federal counterparts in order to advance the national spatial data infrastructure, NSGIC’s president says.

In Utah, coronavirus decisions are fueled by real-time data

by • 3 months ago

To make hour-by-hour public health decisions, Gov. Gary Herbert is using a data dashboard that draws key statistics from around the state.

Minimizing cyber risk with improved data backup and recovery

by • 4 months ago

Cyberthreats against state and local agencies are forcing leaders to fortify their defenses. Faster, more modern data backup and recovery is part of the solution, says one IT expert.

Cities face 'huge trade-off' to adopt new tech for coronavirus response

by • 4 months ago

Tech startups trying to offer cities products at reduced cost said altering processes during a crisis presents a major challenge to local governments.

Data on pace to dominate GIS in 2020, experts say

by • 5 months ago

Three geospatial information systems experts say data science and data analytics will play a bigger role this year.

For accurate census counts, local data may be the answer

by • 5 months ago

Surveys that collect local sentiment to explain fear or apathy surrounding the count are helping communities ensure they get full federal funding.