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Delaware IT agency elevates partnerships by embedding staff

by • 4 days ago

State CIO James Collins said he places customer engagement officials in each partner agency to improve how they work together.

Vermont aims to consolidate 300 CRM tools

by • 6 days ago

Upgrading to a modern CRM solution will bring mobility, analytics and standardization across agencies, says state CIO John Quinn.

Data, customers key to state IT modernization in Maryland

by • 2 weeks ago

Before upgrading the state's legacy systems, says Maryland's technology secretary, he must first understand the businesses and how they overlap or differ.

Illinois CIO Ron Guerrier focuses on fundamentals

by • 3 weeks ago

From user experience to program management, Illinois’ technology chief says he wants the basics to work right before getting fancy.

Agency relationships are more important than ever for state IT leaders

by • 2 months ago

Customer relationship management has emerged as a top priority for state chief information officers, according to recent data from NASCIO.

Why cybersecurity in state government is like babysitting

by • 2 months ago

Maine's state CIO says state IT officials have a big responsibility to care for the public's data and keep it safe.