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7 steps to help prevent and limit the impact of ransomware

by • 3 months ago

When ransomware attacks do strike, every minute counts to notify your organization and investigate quickly, say experts.

Intrusion monitors for election security are going virtual

by • 9 months ago

Some states are now using a software-based version of the Albert sensor, a device election officials use to detect malicious network activity.

Why the Center for Internet Security moved its storage to the cloud

by • 10 months ago

The group, which analyzes state and local governments' network activity, said new technology was needed when it began collecting petabytes of data.

A new interstate election security body is about to face its first major test

by • 1 year ago

Ben Spear, executive director of the Election Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center, shares how the organization's first seven months have prepared the nation for Election Day.

Election officials need more than just paper-based ballots to secure votes

by • 2 years ago

States and counties need to conduct regular security assessments ahead of November and beyond, a former federal cybersecurity strategist said.

Annual cybersecurity review for state and local government approaches

by • 3 years ago

Non-federal agencies still ride low on the maturity benchmark, but the increased political attention around cybersecurity could improve results in the coming survey period.

MS-ISAC urges states, localities to protect against election system threats, ransomware

by • 4 years ago

The head of one of the leading cyber information-sharing centers in the country is hoping to get IT leaders to beef up the security of their election systems and patch their browsers rigorously.

Cyber attackers turning toward states

by • 7 years ago

As the federal government improves its cyber defenses, nefarious actors are turning their attention toward state and local governments, said Center for Internet Security CEO William Pelgin.