How large agencies are approaching zero trust and trusted user policies

Naval Information Warfare Center’s Justin Hodges shares how the Atlantic office is modernizing data storage, retention and collection, in addition to expanding access to trusted users is important to allow the mission to be successful.

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Developing zero trust strategies that don’t limit access to FOIA data

by • 2 months ago

Brian Gardner, CISO for the City of Dallas discusses the need to focus on zero trust controls that keep a balance between protecting sensitive data and data that will become public.

State Department’s CISO on treating data as a strategic asset to shape diplomacy

by • 3 months ago

Donna Bennett, chief information security officer for the U.S. State Department, shares why data and security go hand in hand when shaping strategies around zero trust.

Time to ‘get back to transformational stuff,’ says Rhode Island CIO

by • 10 months ago

The pandemic forced state government to respond to urgent needs, but now there's room for longer-term planning, says Rhode Island CIO Bijay Kumar.

​South Dakota stays in 'fast-follower' mode on road to technological innovation

by • 6 years ago

One of the state's top tech officials discusses government's unique position in the technology landscape.

Mississippi CIO Craig Orgeron on lowering technology costs, virtualization and cyber (VIDEO)

by • 9 years ago

Mississippi Chief Information Officer Craig Orgeron discusses lowering technology costs, virtualization, best practices for cost savings and cybersecurity challenges.