U.S. adds charges in Georgia against suspects in Atlanta ransomware attack

by Benjamin Freed • 1 week ago

A second indictment against the suspected SamSam hackers says the virus infected nearly 3,800 computers owned by the city.

Indiana National Guard recovers from ransomware attack on state server

by Ryan Johnston • 2 months ago

The server included military and civilian personal information, but officials say the malware used doesn't typically compromise data.

On cybersecurity, many local governments still lack strategic or disruption response plans

by Public Technology Institute • 2 months ago

A new infographic from the Public Technology Institute shows that while local governments are increasingly adopting cybersecurity training for employees, they often lack cyber planning.

Blockchain-enabled voting has started in West Virginia

by Benjamin Freed • 3 months ago

The state's overseas voters started casting ballots using a mobile app that runs on the decentralized ledger last Friday.

Pennsylvania Senate Democrats paid more than $700,000 to recover from ransomware attack

by Benjamin Freed • 3 months ago

The March 2017 attack blocked senators and their staffs from accessing their email and other computer systems.

Here's how states plan to spend the federal money they're getting for election security

by Benjamin Freed • 4 months ago

From down payments on voting machines to specialized cybersecurity units, here's what states are doing with the 80 million granted from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

Alaska suburb recovering from ransomware declares disaster as it continues rebuilding systems

by Benjamin Freed • 4 months ago

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough, outside Anchorage, was hit by the same complex virus cybersecurity researchers believe attacked the PGA.

West Virginia to offer mobile, blockchain-based ballots to its overseas voters in November

by Benjamin Freed • 4 months ago

The state is expanding on a two-county test during its May primary, despite the misgivings of election security advocates.

Florida boosts election security training through an evolving university partnership

by Ryan Johnston • 5 months ago

Securing the state's voting systems is the latest training topic included in curriculum offered to state government staff through a cybersecurity center operated by the University of West Florida.

Ransomware attack forces Alaska suburb to revert to typewriters, rebuild email from scratch

by Benjamin Freed • 5 months ago

Officials say the "insidious" cyberattack that took down more than 100 internal servers and systems in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough last week was the work of an experienced and "very well-organized" actor.

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