Tech fundamentals make way for creativity in Ohio

Top priorities for Ohio’s technology portfolio are centered around buttressing foundational elements so leaders like Chief Information Officer Stu Davis can direct their attention to more advanced ideas.

Current priorities in Ohio include conclusion of an optimization effort, for which four agencies remain, Davis told StateScoop in September. Once those are finished, he said, the state will have a chance to look at some “really cool” things.

The state is also looking at cybersecurity proposals, Davis said, including those for an identity access management system that will change the way citizens and businesses interact with the state.

“And data analytics is out there,” Davis continued. “It’s trying to figure out the most innovative way and to get that through procurement and get that set up is pretty high on my priority list. Data analytics itself can really bring a whole lot to streamlining government and getting efficiencies out of the government space.”

The passion Davis gets from public-sector tech work comes from the efficiencies of building one system instead of one for each agency, and the impact that manifests, he said.

“Doing good for the public,” Davis responded when asked about his passion. “I know it sounds crazy, but we have such an enormous impact on a broad range of issues to our citizens and our constituents, that it’s very rewarding in that regard.”