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How hyperautomation unleashes the full potential of business processes

Automation frequently gets touted as a way to free up government workers from manual work so they can focus more on meeting citizen needs. But agencies can unleash automation’s greater potential by adopting hyperautomation solutions that integrate business process management, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation throughout their business processes.

Regardless of whether agencies are focused on connecting legacy applications and systems or undergoing modernization projects, the main goal is to take automation and scalability to the next level to reduce the transactional work for employees, says MCCi President and CEO Donny Barstow in a new StateScoop interview. 

“In some cases, there has been the first stage of automation, or siloed automation, where agencies may have gone paperless and improved workflow automation but are not making extensible use of the newer technologies to connect the dots — to take that next step further, which is what hyperautomation is,” says Barstow. Hyperautomation extends the automation efforts by tackling areas like the front-end intelligent document processing, which could include artificial intelligence or machine learning; as well as the interconnectivity between different business processes or systems, he adds. 

He also highlights how an agency successfully applied hyperautomation technology in its accounts payable by digitizing and automating processes that reduced review, approval and processing time. 

Watch the full interview to learn more about how automation tools work together to transform business processes while delivering scalable outcomes.

This video interview was produced by Scoop News Group and StateScoop and underwritten by MCCi.