How citizen-focus and experience maps drive operational efficiency

Some government agencies look only to technology for more efficient operations, but sometimes the better approach is tofocus on the core idea behind their mission citizens.

The first place to start is with the citizen, Erek Dyskant, the vice president of social impact for BlueLabs, an analytics and technology company and partner of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, said.

Dyskant encouraged leaders to map out the experiences that citizens have with government,whether its with a health and human services agency, a transportation department or a simpleaddress change.

Once you do that, then you come up with the set of technologies that enable those interactions to be as simple and transparent as possible, Dyskant told StateScoop in an interview at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers annual midyearconference.

Hybrid information technology, Dyskant said, is a key piece of that.

Where hybrid IT comes in is providing software developers with a very broad set of tools that they can use to develop the right application for each state process, Dyskant said.

In addition, that hybrid approach enables government to quickly spin up solutions that can fill in the gaps in suboptimal citizen experiences, Dyskant said.

You can bring in the right team for the job, and that team will be confident that they dont have to build the infrastructure from the beginning, Dyskant said. They have an application stack that they can build directly on top of.

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