Delaware building partnerships for e911, body camera efforts

Delaware Chief Information Officer James Collins is leading a new effort in the state’s Department of Technology and Information to immerse ourselves in the business of our customers, and he thinks that work is starting to pay off.

In particular, he points to his staffs work with Delawares Department of Safety and Homeland Security on a variety of efforts to get their technologically oriented projects off the ground.

Because that agency has kind of embraced us as a strategic partner with them, were able to go into all these things together, so theyre able to work on the policy piece and were able to bring the technology portion of that in, Collins told StateScoop at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers annual conference in October. Thats why I think that work is important.

Among the projects Collins and his team are assisting the department with is the addition of an e911 system for the state to allow call centers to accept text messages and videos from concerned citizens. He said that his staff is working with them on network and infrastructure and vendor selection and things like that.

Similarly, Collins added that the two teams are having a lot of conversations about body cameras and all the policies and storage as they try to balance the demands of adding the technology.

Its important that we are who were supposed to be to the state, so the right projects are going forward and theyre actually successfully completing, Collins said.