Utah names first government operations privacy officer

by • 3 months ago

Christopher Bramwell, formerly a privacy director of the state’s human services department, must find new ways to protects residents' private data.

Ohio introduces data-privacy bill, skips private right of action

by • 3 months ago

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said the legislation would provide the public tools to protect their privacy, but lawmakers skipped including a contentious clause that's stymied similar bills in other states.

Los Angeles must 'do better' on data privacy, controller says

by • 3 months ago

Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin is calling for the creation of a privacy board that can hold the city accountable for its use of new technologies.

Arizona governor is latest to ban vaccine passports

by • 6 months ago

Gov. Doug Ducey is at least the sixth governor to prohibit government agencies from requiring people to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Banjo oversold surveillance software's features, Utah auditor says

by • 7 months ago

Live Time, which Utah officials stopped using last year after discovering the company's founder had been a Klan member, probably didn't overstep on privacy.

Jackson, Miss., police testing real-time surveillance from home security cameras

by • 12 months ago

A pilot project will enable officers to “follow and trace” suspected criminals using live footage from internet-connected doorbell cameras.

Digital privacy concerns will follow Sidewalk Labs to next venture, says former consultant

by • 1 year ago

Sidewalk Labs backed out of its "smart neighborhood" project in Toronto, but Ann Cavoukian said its flagrant misreading of the public's privacy concerns may continue to haunt the company.

Florida's unemployment agency leaked Social Security data last month

by • 1 year ago

Florida, which decommissioned its centralized IT agency last year, has compromised the personal information of 98 unemployment insurance applicants.

Coronavirus has cities turning to trusted tech, not surveillance pilots

by • 2 years ago

Privacy advocates are concerned the pandemic could give rise to new surveillance technology, but city officials say they're sticking with the technology they know for now.