managed service providers

Giving states reliable, resilient and robust networks


IT leaders from Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas share their insights on how modern networks support agencies and citizens.

Louisiana is trying to keep better tabs on managed service providers


A spate of ransomware attacks prompted Louisiana to create a registry for MSPs doing business with public-sector entities.

What the MSP alert means for local governments


An alert from the U.S. and its allies about threats against managed service providers is a "wakeup call" for companies that local governments depend upon.

Maryland towns impacted in Kaseya ransomware breach


Leonardtown and North Beach both get IT services from a managed service provider that uses the Kaseya software that was targeted by REvil hackers.

La. secretary of state blasts managed service providers for lax cybersecurity


Kyle Ardoin told his fellow secretaries of state that the vendors many local governments use for IT services don't offer security strong enough for elections.

Managed service providers a growing target for ransomware attackers


Organizations that rely on third-party vendors to provide cloud-based services are increasingly at risk of ransomware attacks, according to a new report.