James “Bo” Reese

Google's COVID-19 vaccination chatbot now speaks 28 languages

by • 16 hours ago

Google says its Contact Center AI software can understand the difference between similarly phrased questions in 28 languages and dialects.

Inside the Beeck Center's digital-service embed program

by • 16 hours ago

Beeck Center fellow Kevin Parker shares what other fellows are learning as they embed with digital service teams in New Jersey, Colorado and New York City.

States can play greater role in shaping grid cybersecurity, NGA says

by • 17 hours ago

Many states have created dedicated task forces and other bodies focused on protecting power utilities from cyberattacks, a new NGA report shows.

Civis Analytics releases digital toolkit to reach vaccine skeptics

by • 20 hours ago

A new suite of maps and data tools from Civis Analytics enable state and local agencies to view who's hesitant about taking a COVID-19 vaccine.

Digital Services — A StateScoop & EdScoop Special Report

by • 1 day ago

The health crisis was for many public agencies — and universities — a rushed experiment that will seed continued change over the coming decade.

States’ digital services efforts are evolving

by • 1 day ago

Digital services directors in Colorado and New Jersey say they're getting more sophisticated in how they approach software development in their states.

COVID-19 was a 'pivot point' for states' digital transformation. Now what?

by • 1 day ago

The pandemic forced a torrent of new digital government endeavors. Now states and cities need to determine if the successful ones can be made permanent.

How California managed its digital COVID-19 response

by • 1 day ago

Angie Quirarte, California’s deputy director of digital innovation, said her team managed chaos as the information landscape shifted by the hour in 2020.

To get digital services right, government needs to stay crisis-ready

by • 1 day ago

How can you prepare for the next decade of digital service? Stay in crisis mode a little longer, says Jessica Cole of U.S. Digital Response.