Innovation Center

North Carolina seeks to fail ‘quickly and inexpensively,’ official says

by • 3 years ago

Finding the correct solutions means not being afraid of momentary failure, state chief solutions officer Glenn Poplawski says in a video interview.

University partnership brings innovation campus 'Aggie Square' to Sacramento

by • 4 years ago

The 25-acre facility will be dedicated to academic research, professional education, and incubating tech startups that can help build technology investment in the region.

State searches for $1.2 billion to fund Chicago innovation center

by • 5 years ago

Though it has strong political support, the first facility to serve in a planned network of Illinois innovation centers still seeks firm financial backing.

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Eric Ellis leaves North Carolina

by • 6 years ago

One of North Carolina's key players in technology and innovation looks back and shares what's next.