Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Election risk tool released for state, local officials

by • 3 weeks ago

The Election Risk Profile Tool, designed by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the Election Assistance Commission, is meant to give election administrators a "high-level risk profile."

Annual election security tabletop drill put officials through 'Armageddon-like' test

by • 2 months ago

About 2,100 federal, state, local and private-sector officials joined the three-day exercise, which simulated attacks against election-related IT and civil unrest related to the pandemic.

Election officials praised for sharing information, knocked for sharing passwords

by • 2 months ago

Secretaries of state have made great strides, a senior DHS official said, but some officials at the county level still need to work on basic cyber hygiene.

Defense bill amendment would put a cybersecurity coordinator in each state

by • 3 months ago

A bipartisan amendment borrows from a previously introduced bill that would place a federal cybersecurity adviser in each state.

CISA and states tell Senate more cybersecurity resources needed

by • 7 months ago

Officials from Michigan and Texas joined CISA Director Chris Krebs to tell the Senate Homeland Security Committee that despite progress in coordination, more cybersecurity aid is needed.

U.S. House bill offers $400M for state and local cybersecurity

by • 8 months ago

The bill, a potential counterpart to a measure passed by the Senate last November, would offer a substantial boost to states' cybersecurity initiatives.

DHS creates 'tabletop in a box' for local election security drills

by • 8 months ago

A new guidebook offers local election officials step-by-step drills of what to do and who to call in the event of an actual cyberattack.

Iran tension 'heightened awareness' for state and local cybersecurity, CISA chief says

by • 8 months ago

Chris Krebs, the Department of Homeland Security's top cybersecurity official, told a group of mayors to use the moment as an opportunity to improve their defenses against ransomware.