Indiana analytics platform draws interest from other state agencies

After Indianas work usingdata analytics to reduce recidivism and the states infant mortality rate, Dewand Neely saysagencies are looking to use the technology office to tackle new issues.

Indiana, among the state information technology community, is known for its data-driven decision making and analytics platforms, Neely, Indianas chief information officer, told StateScoop in a video interview at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers midyear conference in April in Baltimore.

Its been a big breakthrough for us, Neely said. Its starting to open eyes all across our other agencies of our executive branch.

Neely said department heads are coming to the Office of Technology looking to tackle issues related to theirmissions using data. As a result, Neely said the state has great things coming down to use analytics to continue to press forward as a state.

That increased level of collaboration, Neely said, has allowed the department to gather valuable feedback.

Getting great, constructive and open feedback from those agencies on how were interacting on day-to-day service delivery has really helped us to take a look at some areas where were not as good and start to improve those, Neely said.

In addition to data analytics, Neely said the state is working with agencies to streamline customer-facing sitesto embrace the needs of the constituent.

[Were] trying to enable more self-service, more awareness of consumer needs based off of location, and things like that, Neely said. Just trying to make interaction from the digital side of government that much easier and what [citizens] are used to seeing from private entities.

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