Study: Governments struggle against more frequent and sophisticated ransomware

by • 7 months ago

A new report by the consulting firm Deloitte finds that state and local governments continue to lack the resources and workforces to defend against ransomware.

Ransomware attacks matured in 2019, report says

by • 9 months ago

Threat actors that target IT organizations like local governments and school districts have elevated their tactics, according to a new report from CrowdStrike.

New Orleans latest apparent victim of Ryuk ransomware

by • 10 months ago

An analysis of an infected file points to the same malware that has plagued dozens of other municipal governments over the past year.

Louisiana government hit with ransomware attack

by • 10 months ago

Officials said the attack, which involved the Ryuk malware, did not result in any data loss.

Ransomware demanded $5.3M from Massachusetts city in July attack

by • 1 year ago

New Bedford, Mass., initially tried negotiating with the hackers behind the Ryuk virus, but ended up fixing its systems itself after a counteroffer was rejected.

Recent ransomware surge linked to Russian criminal group

by • 1 year ago

An executive at the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike said a recent spike of incidents points to increased activity by a hacker group it calls Wizard Spider.

Ransomware hits everywhere, but governments pay 10 times more

by • 1 year ago

Between April and June, the average payment from government victims was $338,700, compared to $36,295 for all victims, according to cybersecurity firm Coveware.

Georgia courts appear to be latest victim of Ryuk ransomware

by • 1 year ago

Since the problem was detected over the weekend, individual courts' networks now may be slowed, but functional, as state and federal authorities investigate.

Florida city pays hackers $600,000 after ransomware attack

by • 1 year ago

The malware that hit Riviera Beach has not been identified, but a cybersecurity researcher tells StateScoop the attack resembles incidents involving the Ryuk virus.