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Sanders introduces $150 billion 'Internet for All' plan

by • 1 week ago

Bernie Sanders' broadband policy would invest $150 billion in technical and infrastructure grants while dismantling giant companies like AT&T and Comcast.

FCC announces $9 billion 5G auction to replace Mobility Fund Phase II

by • 1 week ago

The FCC has confirmed through testing that carrier coverage maps are inaccurate and announced a new funding program for the next generation of wireless.

FCC orders wireless providers to share 'vertical location' data

by • 3 weeks ago

New rules rolling out over the next four years are hoped to assist first responders more easily locate callers inside buildings.

Ohio releases broadband report, priming statewide strategy

by • 3 months ago

A broadband report from the transportation department will help officials develop a broadband strategy over the next several months, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said.

For rural broadband, FCC gives $4.9 billion to small ISPs

by • 4 months ago

Ten years of funding is expected to provide high-speed internet service to 450,000 homes and businesses.

Court rejects FCC order bypassing 5G build reviews on tribal lands

by • 4 months ago

Telecommunications companies will need to pass environmental and historical reviews before installing wireless equipment, after all.

Indiana dispenses $22 million for rural broadband

by • 4 months ago

Gov. Eric Holcomb's latest investment in rural broadband is one of many gubernatorial pushes to increase internet speeds and improve access.

FCC orders ISPs to supply accurate broadband coverage maps

by • 4 months ago

The long-criticized practice of registering service availability by census block will be replaced by polygonal outlines showing exactly where service is available.

FCC will make broadband maps 'more granular and more accurate'

by • 6 months ago

Chairman Ajit Pai said the FCC will issue an order in August that instates new requirements for data collection and that it will consider new data sources.