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Read the guidelines below for tips on how to write an effective pitch and produce content that’s right for StateScoop.


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  • Read StateScoop. Get a firm understanding of the publication before you pitch something. Our content is unique.
  • Make your pitch clear and short — just a few sentences explaining in simple terms why this is something people should hear about. Identifying and explaining impact is the key to a compelling story.
  • Write to an audience of CIOs. The chief information officer is the keystone of StateScoop’s audience. The chief information officer carries out the mission of his or her governor, mayor, city council, or whatever the case may be. Consider the priorities, challenges and daily realities this person faces.
  • Focus on a single idea. Don’t make things more difficult by making your approach too broad. A length of 600-800 words is a good target.
  • Strive for a fresh perspective. Say something that’s interesting enough to share with a friend outside of work.
  • Write in your voice. Use simple language. Be relatable. Avoid jargon.
  • Be specific. Use examples to bring abstract concepts to life. Examples provide the reader with the opportunity to act on the information. No single article is meant to be the definitive word on a topic.

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