Walk & Talk: Using chat bots to 'rock the boat' in Colorado

In Colorado's information technology office, the state's enterprise service desk manager is aligning his efforts with the vision and strategy of the agency as a whole.

Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams Digital Transformation Officer — Colorado

Editor's Note: Since May 2017, Brandon Williams, Colorado's Digital Transformation Officer, has been publishing videos in which he "walks and talks" with his colleagues at the Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology. In June 2017, StateScoop and OIT partnered to give the series a home on StateScoop. The posts are also available on OIT's blog, and via a YouTube playlist.

Today's walk is with a friend of mine from my days at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment — where we both worked before coming over to the Governor's Office of Information Technology.

Enterprise Service Desk Manager Jim Nethercott and I both came over to the Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) around the same time and are trying to bring some of that public health empathy over to IT services. Jim, specifically, is doing so as our OIT Service Desk lead. He is reshaping both the customer experience and "how to" of the technology behind how we provide care to our customers.

On the service desk, Jim is working on developing Knowledge Center Support — an effort to share the knowledge that exists within OIT out into the state government organization as a whole. KCS enables users of Colorado IT services to troubleshoot some of their own problems and utilize self-help resources without having to escalate issues toward OIT.

Jim and the team are exploring opportunities now to use chat bots to help connect the customer directly to the members of the IT agency who can help them with their specific need. Great stuff!

If you're interested in doing a Walk & Talk in your state or local government, contact Jake Williams, StateScoop's Associate Publisher and Director of Strategic Initiatives here.

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