Walk & Talk: Moving deeper into Google enterprise services

Colorado Digital Transformation Officer Brandon Williams highlights the state IT agency's latest foray into Google's enterprise services.

Editor’s Note: Since May 2017, Brandon Williams, Colorado’s Digital Transformation Officer, has been publishing videos in which he “walks and talks” with his colleagues at the Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology. In June 2017, StateScoop and OIT partnered to give the series a home on StateScoop. The posts are also available on OIT’s blog , and via a YouTube playlist .

Today’s Walk & Talk is with OIT’s Google Operations Director Lilo Santos. Lilo and I’ve sat in the same room for the last four years and, arguably, share a brain. Over those years, some of our central drivers for approaching service implementation have been an emphasis on cost avoidance , maximizing the array of tools available in platform services that we already own and the culture change associated with rooting new technologies in government.

Over the last few weeks or so, we’ve seen a major enhancement to our state Google platform as we jumped to the new “enterprise” level of Google services.

While many of the major enhancements focus on greater admin/backend tools, some of the enhancements are customer-facing and are helping us make an even stronger run at the central drivers I mentioned above — cost avoidance, maximization of tools and culture change.

In this Walk & Talk, we discuss some of these strategies and the approaches we are using with the new tools available.

Specifically, we are focused on implementing chat/video conferencing now that dial-in numbers are available in calendar events at no additional cost, and expanding the use of video meetings. These tools have now been brought directly under our Business Associates Agreement (BAA) with Google to provide security and confidence for handling health-related information exchanges — something our health departments, state employee assistance programs and citizens must have.

If you’re interested in doing a Walk & Talk in your state or local government, contact Jake Williams, StateScoop’s Associate Publisher and Director of Strategic Initiatives here .

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