Walk & Talk: Colorado's baseball-loving IT comms lead

Colorado Digital Transformation Officer Brandon Williams highlights his colleagues — starting with Chief Communications Officer Tauna Lockhart.

Editor’s Note: Since May 2017, Brandon Williams , Colorado’s Digital Transformation Officer, has been publishing videos in which he “walks and talks” with his colleagues at the Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology. In June 2017, StateScoop and OIT partnered to give the series a home on StateScoop. The posts are also available on OIT’s blog , and via a YouTube playlist .

The Digital Transformation Team at the Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology has been doing a series that’s fun, super low-budget, and an awesome excuse to enjoy our Colorado weather. We call them Walk & Talks, and basically I (Digital Transformation Officer Brandon Williams, @bwwilliams ) get State of Colorado employees out of the seats for a walking mini-interview with me on the work they do every day, what they are working on that they are excited about, who they are when not at work, and how all of that influences their work at the state.

In this week’s episode, I catch up with our OIT Chief Communications Officer, Tauna Lockhart . Tauna heads up a five-person comms staff that does everything from press releases and internal comms to audio/video support , reports, web and content design and more.

Now, after we recently had a chance to talk with Jake Williams ( @JakeWilliamsDC ) at StateScoop, we decided to team up to relay some of our Walk & Talks to the wider state IT community.

We’re all pushing in the same direction, with the same questions, curiosities and desires to know more about not only what our colleagues across government in IT/govtech are doing, but also who they are. We hope to use some of these videos to create opportunities to encourage other states to go low-band and pick up a phone or take a walk to interview their own colleagues. Selfishly, I am also super curious to find out how others are pursuing the “making it better than we found it” government life.

If you’re interested in doing a Walk & Talk in your state or local government, contact Jake Williams, StateScoop’s Associate Publisher and Director of Strategic Initiatives here .

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