Oregon IT office prepares for silver tsunami

As the baby boomers in the IT workforce retire, the Oregon CIO wants to cultivate interest in technology in grade school students.

Oregon is looking to adapt to the way new generations work and learn,state CIO Alex Pettit said.

He saidthe state is increasingly hiringworkers for specific projects with shorter timelines rather than expecting someone to stay longterm.

Activities are becoming more project-oriented, that means limited duration positions, Pettit saidin a StateScoop TV interview at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers midyear conference in April in Baltimore. “I think thats kind of in line with where the millennial generation is looking for [in] work.”

Pettit also said the benefits structure and retirement plan offered by the state needto changeto attract this younger generation.

ITis linked to all parts of the fabric of the community that we serve”and allows the state to better serve constituents and employees, he said.And it starts in schools. He said the state is working to blend technology into the current curriculumfor students inkindergarten through high school.

He also talked aboutthe states Base Camp project, which offers interconnecting procurement and training for all levels of public employees.

But he said there’s still more his office must do to achieve many of these goals.

Admittedly, weve done not enough yet, saidPettit, who came to his post in 2014. My hope is, this next few years will be spent on…things I’m hoping will make a difference in citizens lives directly.

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