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San Francisco innovation chief Krista Canellakis steps down

by • 3 months ago

After seven years of projects, often involving connecting government with private-sector expertise, the city's chief innovation officer is moving on.

Flint's 'Beyond Blight' portal wins $75,000 prize

by • 3 months ago

The Michigan city has lost half its population since 1960. A digital tool to improve collaboration is helping communities manage their abandoned properties.

San Francisco launches 'Muni Mobile' payment app for buses

by • 4 years ago

“You no longer have to have exact change of .25 to ride Muni”, said a spokesman for San Francisco's Municipal Transportation Agency.

San Francisco unveils citywide IoT network

by • 4 years ago

The network, provided by network manager Sigfox, uses low power, briefcase-sized antennas and a very low ISM band frequency to communicate small pieces of data between connected things.