Cybersecurity research group wants to certify 'smart city' devices

As the “smart city” movement continues to grow — making local governments more reliant on traffic cameras, environmental sensors and other internet-connected gizmos — a leading nonprofit group wants to create a platform to help city officials ensure that their efforts don’t discount cybersecurity. The National Cybersecurity Center, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is considering the development of a certification system by which smart-city hardware and software can be reviewed for potential vulnerabilities and municipal officials who lack technical backgrounds can be instructed how to properly configure those products. “What we’re realizing is that when the mayor declares a smart-city initiative, they’re often just thinking of the benefits they can get economically or regarding increased citizen access,” Forrest Senti, the center’s director of business and government initiatives, said in a phone interview. “Oftentimes they’re not thinking about security.” A 2018 report by IBM Security found that popular lines of internet-connected environmental sensors … Continue reading Cybersecurity research group wants to certify ‘smart city’ devices