Walk & Talk: Bringing DevOps to Colorado's IT shop

Colorado Digital Transformation Officer Brandon Williams highlights the state IT office's efforts to use DevOps to change how government works.

Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams Digital Transformation Officer — Colorado

Editor's Note: Since May 2017, Brandon Williams, Colorado's Digital Transformation Officer, has been publishing videos in which he "walks and talks" with his colleagues at the Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology. In June 2017, StateScoop and OIT partnered to give the series a home on StateScoop. The posts are also available on OIT's blog, and via a YouTube playlist.

Governments the country are looking at all kinds of different ways to change the way they operate and build new technology — and one of those ways is through DevOps.

Today, I snagged a few minutes with Milo Knezevic. Milo’s actual title is "program manager," but his real function is the State of Colorado's DevOps guru. Over the past several months, under Milo's lead, buzzwords being thrown around in the cafe and hallway have become a reality — DevOps is now a reality at Colorado OIT.

In leading this charge, Milo has convened a cross-functional team, conducted DevOps training, ran exercises to refine our process and put a structure around DevOps to fundamentally change howgovernment works. This change is a Herculean task to undertake inside the complex admin layers of traditional government development habits.

Milo stares down complex tradition and says, "Nope. We can do this better." It is not just an evolutionary leap — it's a revolution and I am proud to be a small part of it.

Keep pushing, Milo. You've got a whole team here that believes in what you are doing and is happy to pitch in and support you.

If you're interested in doing a Walk & Talk in your state or local government, contact Jake Williams, StateScoop's Associate Publisher and Director of Strategic Initiatives here.

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