StateScoop Staff

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Resilience in education with cloud infrastructure

by Julia Weaver • 1 day ago

Microsoft’s Chris Bunio discusses how public schools and higher education organizations are using automation, AI and cloud tools to scale learning environments.

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How states can stand up reliable contact tracing programs at scale

by Julia Weaver • 2 days ago

A new partnership between Okta and Work.com allows public partners to quickly and easily deploy a comprehensive contact tracing solution in weeks.

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Texas Tech University’s CIO on using cloud to augment education

by Julia Weaver • 5 days ago

Sam Segran shares cloud strategies to help schools improve security, data access and remote learning to ensure student success during the pandemic.

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Sonoma County officials gain notable efficiencies with e-signature tool

by Julia Weaver • 1 week ago

IT leaders in Sonoma County targeted key user groups to demonstrate the time-saving effectiveness of an e-signature solution to win broader adoption.

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State leader on lowering IT costs during pandemic

by Julia Weaver • 2 weeks ago

Arizona’s Doug Lange shares how the state’s strategy to invest in cloud-based technology helped them save millions in cost avoidance and infrastructure savings.

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New Jersey CTO discusses increasing telework capacity with cloud

by Julia Weaver • 3 weeks ago

New Jersey’s Christopher Rein says the pandemic was a force multiplier for leadership to invest in cloud and data programs which significantly improve service delivery.